About Us

A Lifetime of Innovation

For more than half a century, Dennis Clark has been creating and producing award winning cleaning products for commercial kitchens and restaurants around the world.

He is the inventor of numerous highly successful product lines like Carbon Off, Brite Shine, Fryer Puck and All-Kleen.

As founder and CEO of Discovery Products, Incorporated, Dennis developed products that are still being used by thousands of commercial kitchens across the United States and internationally in 42 countries.

Always active and never satisfied, he believes that as science changes so should our cleaning products. He often says, “We can always do better.” PRO-TABS® Concentrated Fryer Boil Out Cleaner Tablets with Nano Science Technology is his newest leap forward. It’s a game changer for the industry!

Dennis was the first in the world to develop deep fryer cleaning tablets and millions have been sold. But, he knew that fryer cleaning needed to go deeper and farther and clean at a molecular level. Nano Science technology was employed and the most scientifically advanced concentrated fryer cleaner boil out tablet was born.

We invite you to try the product for free and see how it delivers cleaner fryers, better tasting foods for your patrons, extends the life of your cooking oil reducing oil costs significantly, saves on energy costs and is available at the best price in the industry.