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Cleaning a fryer is dangerous, difficult & time consuming.

PRO-TABS ® reduces the danger, making the job quick & easy!!!

Food Tastes Better

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Food Tastes Better

Typical fryer cleaning leaves residue and flavors trapped in the pores of the fryer surface. This results in food flavor transfer that customers can taste immediately, leading to a less-than-ideal customer experience.

Eliminate flavor transfer with the most advanced nano-science technology cleaner available

You Save Money

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You Save Money

When cleaning a fryer, people are typically exposed to a number of circumstances that can lead to injury. Additionally, the work involved in cleaning a fryer can be very time-consuming.

Both problems are reduced or eliminated with PRO-TABS®. Fewer injuries and a faster clean are a win for everyone!

Oil Lasts Longer

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Oil Lasts Longer

Traditional methods of cleaning cannot remove all the oil and contaminants that become trapped in the pores of the fryer's surface. These particles are released when new clean oil is heated, leading to rapid cross-contamination of the oil.

PRO-TABS® utilize advanced nano-science technology to eliminate impurities from the surface pores of your fryer, ensuring it is left clean and ready for the next cooking session

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The PRO-TABS®Story

Introducing PRO-TABS®, the concentrated deep fryer boil-out tablet powered by cutting-edge NANO SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY. Crafted by an award-winning team of experts dedicated to delivering proven, cost-effective, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for commercial kitchens.

PRO-TABS® concentrated fryer boil-out is specifically designed to conquer the most challenging deep fryer cleaning tasks in your commercial kitchen. Our improved formula has undergone rigorous testing and has a proven track record.

Expect nothing but exceptional results with PRO-TABS® improved formula Fryer Cleaner, surpassing all other fryer boil-out products on the market today!

The revolutionary nano-science technology within PRO-TABS® Fryer Cleaner Boil-Out Tablets cleans your fryers at the molecular level, ensuring faster cleaning, longer-lasting performance, extended cooking oil life, and greater cost savings compared to other brands. It’s a groundbreaking formula that propels your fryers toward cleanliness and efficiency like never before!

PRO-TABS® harnesses an advanced proprietary formula enriched with Nano Science Technology, effectively eradicating contaminants at a microscopic level, setting a new and superior standard for fryer boil-out cleaning.

Accelerate your cleaning with NANO Science Technology

PRO-TABS® clean the surface of your fryer, baskets, and accessories more efficiently and effectively, saving you time and money, and they are environmentally safe.

Our Customers

PRO-TABS®Concentrated Fryer Cleaner is trusted by many of the most well-known and beloved brands:

"Our products are made in the USA, are environmentally safe, and save professional kitchens time & money."

Dennis Clark

Multi-Gold Award Winning Cleaning Products Executive